Concrete Scanning

What We Do

United Scanning are experts in the field of concrete scanning, often called concrete x-ray or slab scanning. We provide our clients with fast and precise insights into the structure, strength and composition of their concrete structures. We give structural engineers, building contractors, forensic experts and concrete specialists the essential information they require and service multi-national companies, engineering and construction specialist, local and state government bodies as well as residential and small business clients.

United Scanning Concrete

Whether we’re assessing the strength of a slab to accommodate a great load at a Fremantle warehouse or reporting on the impact of holes drilled for cathodic protection on the Perth Narrows Bridge, United Scanning are able to provide the critical information people need to make important decisions.

How We Do It

We use Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), in which electro-magnetic pulses are used to provide an image of what lies within. We use Ultra High Frequency scanners that transmit radio waves at either 1.6Ghz or 2.6Ghz to allow us to deliver the highest resolution imaging. Our state of the art scanners process the reflections that bounce back from within the structure being scanned and based on these reflections allow us to pinpoint reinforcement, services, boundaries between materials, defects and cracks and provide you with a window into the interior of the structure being scanned.

United Scanning Concrete


One of the most significant benefits of using this technology is that it provides it’s insights non-destructively. Using GPR is very safe and efficient because no drilling, cutting or damage is required to be done to the structure to acquire the information. As a result, GPR is the most timely and cost effective way to know what’s inside concrete.

Because individual scans vertically through the concrete provide a sectional view of the subsurface, we are able to laminate multiple scans into a single image to provide 3D or tomographic representations of slabs, footings, columns and other structures.

What We Provide

Our clients rely on the accuracy and usefulness of the insights we provide and so in addition to keeping a stable of the latest Ground Penetrating Scanners we also ensure all of our technicians are carefully trained and certified to allow them to accurately interpret the information. As a scan proceeds, our technicians capture images and at the completion of the job we will write a report includes the images and provides a clear and above all, faithfully accurate interpretation. Getting the right data from the right place with the right equipment is what we do at United Scanning and we take great pride in being the best.

United Scanning Concrete

Because much of the information produced by our technicians is acquired in real time, we are often able to provide on the spot information about where services, reinforcement and defects lie, working side by side with our clients to give them confidence. Images and interpretations of them are provided in a timely manner and the process of acquiring the information is safe, non-destructive and can be done without significantly disrupting the space being scanned.

Some of the insights into concrete structures that we can provide include:

  • The location and depth of post tension cables, rebar and steel reinforcement
  • The location and depth of both plastic and metallic conduits
  • Determine concrete thickness and cover
  • The internal condition of the concrete, with maps of the relative concrete condition for rehabilitation planning
  • Safe locations to drill, cut or demolish the slab
  • Defects and damage within the concrete