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United Scanning possess the latest concrete imaging systems, utilising high frequency ground penetrating radar to allow us to provide insight into concrete, asphalt, soil and sand.

Combining the skill of our trained and accredited technicians, our experience delivering high resolution underground and concrete imaging projects and our ground penetrating radar systems, United Scanning is able to provide the best insights in Perth.


We provide the information you need to make informed and safe construction decisions and can help you answer these questions in a timely and cost effective way:

  • What services are in this structure or underground and precisely where are they located?
  • How high is the quality of this concrete and what chemical attributes contribute to that strength?
  • How has this structure weathered or degraded? Where are the cracks, delamination zones and porous sections?
  • Is this concrete structure of the quality required? Is there voids, honeycombing, tanking or other defects that may contribute to a failure and where are they?
  • How much load can this structure safely support?
  • Is it safe to drill or dig here?
  • Are there services within your area of construction?

United Scanning Concrete Assessment

United Scanning pride ourselves on providing a quality concrete and ground scanning service that is:


Examples of our reports

Service Locating Report

Comprehensive Service Locating Example Report

(PDF 9.05MB)

Service Locating Report

Service Locating Scanning Report

(PDF 3.38MB)

Service Locating Report

Service Locating Example Report (includes services marked on aerial map and site photo)

(PDF 3.44MB)

Concrete Scanning Report

Concrete Scanning, Schmidt Hammer and PH Test Example Report

(PDF 1.3MB)

Concrete Scanning Report

Concrete Scanning Example Report (internal office prior to coring)

(PDF 4.9MB)

Concrete Scanning Report

Concrete Scanning for Void Detection Example Report

(PDF 16MB)

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