Underground Service Locating Perth

What We Do

The United Scanning team are the Perth specialists in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to help their clients with underground service locating. No other available technology can provide such accurate and swift results and with the interpretation provided by our trained technicians, we can efficiently locate underground services in a safe, swift and non-invasive way.


How We Do ItGround Penetrating Radar to locate services

We use the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar technology to perform underground service locating. Our scanners produce radar waves between 300Mhz and 800Mhz and analyse the reflections from underground features to allow us to provide clear insights into what lies below. The lower frequencies allow us to provide information from as much as 6m under the surface while at 800Mhz we can provide higher resolution imaging closer to the surface

We follow a clear process when scanning for underground services.

  1. We begin by ensuring the safety of our staff and any other personnel involved, by making sure we have a clear idea of any risks the site may present and are following our Safety Process.
  2. We compliment this by consulting any plans or drawings that may be available, either from the owner of the site or from the Dial Before You Dig services.
  3. Based on this we are able to assign technicians to the job who possess the appropriate qualifications and certifications to ensure they able to correctly and safely identify and mark the services.
  4. Finally we perform the scan, marking the services in the ways agreed with the client. This may include marking the services on the ground, potholing the service for later surveying and marking the service on maps, plans or site drawings.
  5. For many clients we will also provide a detailed report, including images in either 2D or 3D format and our interpretation of the images

service locating perth

The sorts of underground services and features that we a commonly called on to locate include:

  • Cables including copper and fibre optics
  • Gas lines
  • Sewer lines
  • Water lines
  • Vacant conduit and piping
  • Limestone, concrete and other areas of high density up to 6m beneath the surface

Why GPR Service Locating Is Important

Non invasive

Our clients call on the United Scanning team to perform GPR scanning because it is completely non-invasive. No jackhammering, digging, drilling, extracting or other time consuming and damaging work is required for us to provide a clear picture of the services and structural elements that lie underground. Our Ground Penetrating Radar is like an X-Ray for services, allowing us to see what is going underneath the surface before our clients have to operate.


Our scanners provide immediate insight into the services beneath them and when coupled with the interpretation provided by our trained and experienced technicians, we can provide on the spot insights and confirmation. This can save money and wasted time, helping our clients maintain momentum on important projects and swiftly adjust their plans. Scanning can be performed just a few hours or even minutes prior to coring or drilling work in concrete slabs.

High Quality

We use the latest GSSI and Mala Ground Penetrating Radar units out of the United States and Sweden. These allow us to provide the best information and imaging available. We can provide our clients with both 2D and 3D images which very clearly identify underground structures and services, and when interpreted by our technicians, our clients get the best possible picture of what services and structures they are likely to encounter underground on their project.


Most importantly, because the quality of our underground imaging is high, we keep our clients safe. Equipped with clear insights into where dangers lie below, our clients are able to safely plan and conduct their project work. Experience has taught us that information from site plans and Dial Before You Dig will only go so far. When GPR Scanning is conducted, not only can we locate the expected services accurately, but we often locate other objects such as older concrete slabs and structures, disused conduits and unmarked services.

The process of underground service location is also conducted in the safest possible manner, utilising non-invasive ground penetrating radar technology. Our team have 20 years of experience in this field and enviable safety record. By choosing United Scanning to perform underground scanning you are locating services in the safest way, using a team that places high regard on safety.


Using the United Scanning’s GPR to perform underground service location is very affordable. Because of the quality of the imaging we can provide, no work crews are required to dig up pipes of fixtures simply to confirm their locations and this provides an immediate saving.

In addition, because the results can be provided in real time, wasted time by teams who require this information can be significantly reduced.

Finally, because we provide certainty about the presence of services in a way that site plans and Dial Before You Dig information cannot, we save our clients from the enormous costs of digging through or damaging important underground services.

It makes a lot of sense to perform high quality underground scanning before you dig as the GPR results will inform your work plans and enable you to have the right crews, machines and materials for the job. Contact us today to see how United Scanning can assist your project.