Cable Locating

What We Do

United Scanning Utility Locator

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One of the most easily damaged and common services that United Scanning’s clients ask them to locate are underground telecommunications and power cables. As specialist cable locators, the United Scanning team provide their clients with swift and accurate confirmation of where the conductive cables and pipes lie, allowing their clients to avoid damage to these expensive assets.

How We Do It

While United Scanning specialise in detecting underground services using Ground Penetrating Radar, when the service is known and conductive, such as copper telecommunications or conductive piping, often the most straightforward method of locating this service is using radio detection. Any conductive cable or pipe that is carrying a current will act as an antenna and produce faint electromagnetic waves, often in the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range. The sensitive equipment that United Scanning uses detects these waves and based on the strength of the signal, provides clear insights as to where the cable lies.


“Electromagnetism” by User:Stannered – Image:Electromagnetism.png.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

We follow a clear process when cable locating:

  1. We begin by ensuring the safety of our staff and any other personnel involved, by making sure we have a clear idea of any risks the site may present and are following our Safety Process.
  2. We compliment this by consulting any plans or drawings that may be available, either from the owner of the site or from the Dial Before You Dig services.
  3. Based on this we are able to assign technicians to the job who possess the appropriate qualifications and certifications to ensure they able to correctly and safely identify and mark the cables or conductive pipes.
  4. Where necessary we identify termination points of the cable so that “dark” cables can be lit to enable detection.
  5. Finally we perform the cable locating, marking the cables and pipes in the ways agreed with the client. This may include marking the location of the cables on the ground, potholing the cables for later surveying and marking the cables on maps, plans or site drawings.
  6. For many clients we will also provide a detailed report

Why United Scanning

United Scanning are Perth’s best underground service location and scanning company. When working with to perform your cable locating, you are working with a very safety focused team who take great pride in their safety record, their efficiency and their great customer service. Because the team are broader than simply cable and pipe location, should the need arise we can provide clear insights into the other services and structures underground, using our state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar systems. These allow us to provide the full spectrum of cable locating, underground service location and concrete scanning. Get in touch with us today!