Non-Destructive Digging using Vacuum Extraction in Perth

Vacuum Extraction is a Non-destructive digging (NDD) method, also known as potholing. It is a safe method of excavation and less disruptive than other means of excavation such as shovels, excavators, or post hole borers. It is widely recognised as the safest means of excavation in areas of other underground assets.

Vacuum excavation – or pot holing has become an important part of locating services. At United Scanning we use 3 different vacuum units, and all are fitted with mine site equipment to meet the current specifications (2014).

Pot holing is a term used for vacuum excavation, when a service is beneath the ground that cannot be seen. Once we locate the service using Ground Penetrating Radar and mark the depth and exact location on the surface, we can then proceed to use a vacuum unit to suck up the soil in a neat hole until we reach the service. Once this has occurred we take a photo of the service and then place an 80mm PVC pipe in the hole and mark on the pipe the depth and what the service is. (See photos)

When we find many services in a small area or many services that have been laid in the same trench we advise using pot holing to identify each service accurately. This is called Class A locating services because it is the surest way to know what is below the ground.

All our units we use are either mounted on a tray of a Ute, on a twin axel trailer or on a small truck.

  • Cost Effective
  • Less risk of damage
  • Time Saving
  • Safer for personnel
  • Confidence with results

Contact United Scanning today to discuss how you might utilise this cost effective method for the benefit of our project.

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