Concrete Scanning Applications – Perth W.A


The quality and accuracy of the data supplied when scanning any concrete structure is extremely important. Getting the right data, from the right place, with the right equipment is what we at United Scanning Services pride ourselves in doing. We supply many engineering firms in Perth with the information they need on structures all over Western Australia.

Mapping out the location of reinforcement bars in concrete structures is our forte at United Scanning. The equipment we use is the best available, and we keep our trained GPR technicians abreast of all new development in the GPR industry.

Whether it be the amount of cover over the bars, the spacing between the bars, the diameter of the bars or the direction in which the bars are laid out, United Scanning Services excels in providing the answers to these critical questions. We additionally record our findings in a detailed report, which includes cross section drawings of the structure scanned.

We offer a service whereby we can map out the reinforcement bars in pillars, slabs, beams, and walls, acquiring this information without any damage to the structure.

At United Scanning, we are constantly learning about and purchasing the latest equipment available, remaining ready and innovative in the GPR industry.

Other applications for GPR concrete scanning

  • Locate and measure the depth of embedded electrical conduits in concrete walls, slabs and beams
  • Establish location and depth of both pre and post tension cables
  • Determine the depth of concrete slabs and footings
  • Complete a structural inspection on items such as towers, bridges, walls, tunnels and balconies
  • Condition assessment – map relative concrete condition for rehabilitation planning or any other concrete structural items within 500mm
  • Identify defects or damage inside concrete (voids, delamination and fractures)

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United Scanning Application

Concrete Profile – 3 Dimensional View of reinforcement bars. United Scanning Services- Perth Western Australia